Hook and loop fasteners have grown in popularity within the medical field because they are soft, flexible and gently on cables and tubes. We only offer the highest quality hook and loop fasteners tailored for the medical industry including unique and innovative fastening solutions for banding, bundling and material handling. In addition, we can cross reference competitors’ part numbers for a one-stop shopping experience for medical buyers.Start shopping for Medical products or learn more about our cable tie company.


Problem: How to align two cables in a straight line while bundling the rest

A manufacturer of Medical Imaging Equipment requested a special Shaped Wire Harness that would align two cables together, then also wrap the rest of the cables into a neat bundle so it would all slide into the machine transom.

Solution: SPEEDWRAP® GEMS 2/4 Specially Shaped Wire Wrap.

Speedtech produced a custom Die-Cut strap into a specific shape that would keep the two cable legs to in a line. The balance of the back-to-back material hook and loop material could then be used to wrap around the remaining bundle of cables. A customized, simple and successful solution.