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Quality-conscious construction contractors don’t want to put their electrical application or project at risk by using poorly sourced or poorly fabricated fasteners. But with all the suppliers how can you find the right one, and the correct product, fast?

Commercial Grade, Reusable Fasteners

We understand quality and the need to qualify your supplier, quickly. That’s why we only offer commercial grade SPEEDWRAP® & VELCRO® Brand Hook & Loop Fasteners and Ty-Up® Fasteners.

ISO Certified

Our Electrical Contractors appreciate that we are manufacturing under ISO Guidelines here in the U.S.A.

While Hook & Loop Fasteners are not designed for outdoor environments, they are often the preferred solutions for:

Construction Cable Ties: Commercial Grade

Whether you are pinning back the ears on a dixon valve, bundling rebar, suspending cables off the floor, securing loose objects, or bundling wires on a construction site – you better have an industrial-grade solution.

Electrical Contractors and leading MRO Distributors like Fastenal choose SPEEDWRAP® as their hook & loop fasteners because they know we use only the highest quality raw materials, the best manufacturing techniques, and we stand behind our products.

Check out our standard products or call us for a custom solution at 262-635-9393 or contact us today.

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SPEEDWRAP® Brand Suspender Straps™

CASE STUDY #1: Cable Marking with Construction Ties

Problem: How to identify what contractor owns or is working on different cables?

Solution: Custom Printed SPEEDWRAP® Fasteners

To solve this problem, we print the names of the main contractors on cable ties or cut-to-length tapes. Then at the site, each contractor bundles the cables they are responsible for installing or maintaining with their custom-printed SPEEDWRAP® Hook & Loop Fasteners.

Case Study #2: Suspending Cables and Hoses

Problem: How to elevate and contain cables, power cords, and wires during the reconstruction of institutional buildings

On the job site, each contractor is responsible for maintaining and securing their own power cords and cables and keeping them out of the way of the other trades. As result, a construction subcontractor requested a reusable tie to lift power cords and cables off the floor during the concrete cutting and drilling process, as OSHA requires.

Solution: SPEEDWRAP® Suspender Strap

The SPEEDWRAP® Suspender Strap fastener features a metal carabiner at one end and a hook and loop strap at the other. Contractors wrap the hook & loop end around pipes below the ceiling and then run the wires to their sanding and concrete spreading equipment into the carabiner end. This keeps the power cables suspended, and out of the way while also keeping contractors working safely.

VELCRO® is a registered trademark of Velcro Industries BVBA. Used with permission.