The radio control marketplace includes both professional applications as well as general enthusiasts. Our selection of high quality hook and loop & specialty fasteners meet specific needs for our customers like:

  • Straps to hold a battery into nest or compartment
  • Low profile straps for tight spaces
  • Strong yet lightweight
  • Cycles (reusable) thousands of times
  • Tie Down Objects to Vehicle (RC/Drones-Copters-Planes-Boats)

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Problem: How to find the right straps to contain Battery Packs in remote controlled vehicles

A company that produces drones needed a reusable low-profile tie to contain the battery packs. The vehicles fly, dive and roll, so the fastener need to be light and secure.

Solution: SPEEDWRAP® Hook & Loop Straight Strip

Speedtech provided simple, strong and reusable SPEEDWRAP® Hook & Loop Straight Strip that holds the battery pack in, regardless of the position or movement of the apparatus or vehicle.