SPEEDWRAP® Compression Strap (Elastic Cinch Strap)

SPEEDWRAP® Compression Cinch Straps provide good holding power and constant compression on the bundle, making them perfect for a number of applications. Also known as Elastic Cinch Straps these all-purpose, elastic hook and loop straps are fully adjustable and reusable hundreds of times. Available in 1” and 2” widths, in a variety of Standard Lengths.

Fast: Simply stretch and wrap the strap around the objects, through the ring, and back onto itself for a secure hold. With one quick, easy motion — it’s a cinch!

Made from elastic loop, these cinch straps create the perfect bundling solution.

Save Money / Reduce Waste: In addition to saving time, SPEEDWRAP® Elastic Cinch Straps can be reused hundreds of times, eliminating the time and waste associated with rope, wire, or tape.


  • Warehouse
  • Industrial
  • Construction
  • Transportation
  • Small Cargo Tie Downs
  • Equipment Transport
  • Load Securing
  • Material Handling
  • Medical

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  • Bundle Hoses and Cables
  • Banding and containing Struts, Pipe and Conduit
  • Strap Equipment onto Trailers and APV’s

Nylon Hook and Loop, Durable Plastic Ring

Hook Tip: 3”

Strap Widths: 1” and 2”

Overall Lengths: 12, 15, 18, 24, 36, 48”

Standard Color – Black

Customization available. Minimums apply

If you are looking for an all-purpose elastic strap that stretches to provide a positive compression on cable bundles or other objects- you’ve found the correct product. Made from commercial-grade, elastic hook & loop material, this cinch strap combines the features of our standard cinch straps with the benefits of a ‘stretchable material’.

Create the perfect bundle or wrap around cables, wires, hoses, and loose objects.

Made from elastic loop, a buckle, and section of hook material, the SPEEDWRAP® Compression Strap is manufactured in Racine, Wisconsin by Speedtech International, Inc.

This all-purpose, hook and loop reusable cinch strap will provide a ‘snug’ hold on your cables, hoses or other items.

The commercial-grade Compression Strap is produced in the USA at Speedtech’s ISO 9001:2015 Certified Factory. Black. Sold standard in 10 and 100 piece bags.

Part Number Description Width Length Color Packaging Order Online
SWSTD2X12BK-10View More2 X 12 SPEEDWRAP® COMPRESSION Cinch Strap, BLACK , 10 PACK 212BLACK10Order Online
SWSTD1X15BK-101 X 15 SPEEDWRAP® COMPRESSION Cinch Strap, BLACK , 10 PACK 115BLACK10Order Online
SWSTD1X18BK-101 X 18 SPEEDWRAP® COMPRESSION Cinch Strap, BLACK , 10 PACK 118BLACK10Order Online
SWSTD2X24BK-10View More2 X 24 SPEEDWRAP® COMPRESSION Cinch Strap, BLACK , 10 PACK 224BLACK10Order Online
SWSTD2X36BK-10View More2 X 36 SPEEDWRAP® COMPRESSION Cinch Strap, BLACK , 10 PACK 236BLACK10Order Online
SWSTD2X48BK-10View More2 X 48 SPEEDWRAP® COMPRESSION Cinch Strap, BLACK , 10 PACK 248BLACK10Order Online