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Custom printed cable ties

Why Customers Want Custom Printed Fasteners

Regardless if you need Ties, Straps or Tape, customers have us print on them to:

Popular Examples Of Printed Cable Ties and Fasteners Include:

Why Use Speedtech For Your Custom Printing Needs?

Speedtech is considered one of the best in high-quality Hook and Loop Fastener printing. All of our products are checked for quality, and we take pride in every single custom printing project that we complete.

We have been custom printing on cable ties and tapes for Manufacturers, Installers and Distributors for 20+ years. Our list of satisfied customers and product photos speak for themselves. Have your company name or logo custom printed on hook and loop cable ties and cut-to-length tape by Speedtech International Inc.

Custom Printed Cable Ties

We offer single location printing on the strap section of our Hook & Loop Cable Ties. We start with VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Material, then employ our proprietary printing technology for unparalleled results.

MADE IN USA, SPEEDWRAP® printed cable tie’s unique design enables the user to quickly wrap the tie around an object and then onto itself for a secure hold. This versatile, flexible, heavy-duty tie is easy to use and reuse, gentle on wires and has thousands of applications.

Custom Printed Cinch Straps

MADE IN USA, SPEEDWRAP® Cinch Straps feature a section of hook material sewn or welded to a section of loop material. The hook section is what forms the ‘tip’ portion of the strap. Simply wrap the fastener around an object or bundle of wires or cables and then insert the tip through the buckle and pull down for a snug hold.

For Hook and Loop Cinch Straps, we print on the backside of the hook ‘tip’ section of the strap. This tip is facing up and visible after it is inserted through the buckle and back onto itself. This single location, high-quality printing placed on our Industrial Grade Cinch Straps yields unparalleled results.

Custom Printed Hook & Loop Tapes

Speedtech is one of the only Hook & Loop Suppliers in North America printing on the loop side of back-to-back style tapes. The end result is repeated pattern printing of brand or message continuously printed on cut-to-length tape.

Made from VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP, SPEEDWRAP® Tapes can be cut-to-length based on your application. The fastener can then quickly wrap around an object and then onto itself for a secure hold.


Highest Quality Hook & Loop Printer In The Industry

Printing on hook & loop is challenging. We are printing on Nylon fabric. The end result needs to portray a great image, be durable and still be functional. Achieving these results requires some expertise and experience. We invite you to choose from the following options. Or contact us today for custom printed hook and loop zip ties, custom printed cable ties or custom printed hook and loop straps or tape.

Please view our Custom Printing Flyer for more general information about our custom printing process, or view our printing options below for more specific information.

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