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When you need a fastener for tying down cargo or for locking the arms down on a cam-lock, the fastener better be robust and be built to last. For your needs in the Transportation industry we offer the highest quality fasteners:

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SPEEDWRAP® Brand Suspender Straps™


Problem: Finding the right ties to secure Cam Lock Valves

Cam Locks are widely used in industrial and chemical applications to enable quick, efficient, and safe connections with hoses or piping. A large Petroleum tanker company requested Hook & Loop Safety Straps for keeping the Cam Locks from coming loose.

Solution: SPEEDWRAP® Fasteners

Speedtech provided an off-the-shelf fastening solution that gives drivers a safe and effective way to lock down the “ears” on their Cam Locks. The SPEEDWRAP® Fasteners bind the locks in place, and will not come undone during operation. The fastener’s bright color is also easily seen by the tanker operator.