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SPEEDWRAP® Brand Suspender Straps™


Problem: Plastic Zip Ties eating into the Cables on the Robotic Arms.

Solution: SPEEDWRAP® Hook & Loop Tie

A Tier-1 Supplier of automotive parts contacted a SPEEDWRAP® Distributor, who in turn contacted Speedtech for support. The customer had various assembly line equipment where the cables were being damaged by the nylon zip ties that were on them.  As the equipment, including robotic arms, moved, over time the zip ties were eating into the cabling jacket.  The customer could not afford to have a line shut down over a 2-cent plastic tie.

Speedtech’s industrial-grade hook and loop cable ties were the simple solution. These ties were strong enough to support the large-diameter cable bundles and could withstand the stress of the equipment’s constant movement.  The ties’ flexible hook & loop material also meant that they would never wear into the cabling jacket and could move along with robotic and other machinery for years to come.