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Bundling, organizing, and Cord labeling solutions – for musicians from musicians

My name’s Steve Pope. I am a co-owner of Speedtech as well as a mediocre drummer.  I play a Roland TD-30 Electronic Drum Kit and jam with my band in my home studio.  With space at a premium and patch cords running all over the place, I know the value of good cord and cable management.  I also get to talk to customers like you who share their application stories, ideas, and stories. 

Your Ideas Rock:

Several of our fasteners were designed to solve the problems of customers like yourself.  For example, musicians want their name custom printed on music cable ties so they can identify their cables as well as prevent the house sound ‘guy’ from accidentally stealing them.  Or our Write On Cable Ties so musicians can label cords (e.g. Guitar 1).  Or to help them prevent cords from pulling apart accidentally on stage using our Cord Connector™.

Largest Selection of Fasteners for Patch Cords Including Music Cable Ties:

Our offering includes unique and patented cord and cable management solutions all conveniently packaged and priced so you can afford to mix and match different items for your next session or event. Working closely with professional sound and lighting professionals, we’ve designed our products to help you:

Music cable ties, instrument cable ties, patch cord organization and so much more.

We invite you to explore some of the music cable ties, hook & loop fasteners, and other solutions here.  If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please contact us.

Testimonial: Chicago Recording Artist

As a gigging musician with an active home studio, proper cable management is absolutely essential.  Speedtech’s awesome cable management solutions ensure that my studio is pristine, and configuration changes are super easy as I can identify each and every cable in the multitude of signal chains.  In addition, setting up my live rig is greatly simplified.  I have everything organized and pre-staged, so I literally plug in 2 cables and I am ready to deliver the thunder.  I have a mission to rock and Speedtech’s products help to ensure that happens without fail!

-Billy Keller, (Vocalist, Guitarist, Recording Artist) – Chicago