Organize Music and Instrument Cable Ties

Our offering includes unique and patented cord and cable management solutions all conveniently packaged and priced so you can afford to mix and match different items for your next session or event. Working closely with professional sound and lighting professionals, we’ve designed our products to help you:

  • Organize patch cords & cables in your studio
  • Route cords and cables on stage or in your studio
  • Identify, label or mark cords and cables
  • Secure extension cords on stage
  • Bundle and mount cords and cables by the sound board

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Problem: How to better bundle and identify patch cords and cables in the studio

Knowing the length of certain patch cords and cables, who owns them, or even where they need to be stored can be difficult. Customers frequently ask for an easy solution to label all those patch cords and cables.

Solution: Custom Printed SPEEDWRAP® Cable Ties.

Our custom printed straps are great onstage or in the studio. At Speedtech, we’ve printed the brand or name of countless audio and video companies, bands or musicians on SPEEDWRAP® Fasteners. Customers tell us our solution allows them to identify their cables at-a-glance, even if the cables are bundled on a truck or wall peg.