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SPEEDWRAP® Stage Pin Connector Fastener

SPEEDWRAP® Stage Pin Connector Fastener

Two reasons why Stage Pin Connectors (often called Slip Pin Connectors) are so popular for theater lighting is that they are easily hidden on stage and are easily pulled apart after a show   Their downside is that they can also be pulled apart when you don’t want them to.

The solution- The SPEEDWRAP® Cord Connector™!  This flexible and reusable fastener wraps around the Slip Pin Connectors, preventing them from accidentally pulling apart.

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With the fasteners unique design, the fastener stays attached to the Stage Pin Connector when it is not in use.   Simple wrap the reusable hook & loop fastener around the slip pin connector and overlap onto itself for a secure hold.  During tear down, just upon the SPEEDWRAP® Cord Connector™, leaving one end attached to the slip pin for future use.

To purchase Cord Connectors, contact your Authorized SPEEDWRAP® Brand Distributor.  For online orders including different sizes, visit TheStrapStore.