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Custom Printed Cinch Strap

Custom Printed Cinch Strap

Have your company name, logo or wire label printed on our Industrial Grade, SPEEDWRAP® Brand Hook & Loop Cinch Straps.

Custom Printed Cinch Straps for Marketing

  • Promote your brand or service well after you complete the job.
  • Inexpensive marketing tool.
  • Perfect for giveaways.

Custom Printed Cinch Straps For Wire Marking & Identification

  • Mark wire and cable destination or source.
  • Tag cables.
  • Identify owner/installer of that cable bundle.  Example, ‘Xfinity Cable’.
  • Label important information such as ‘Do Not Remove’ or “POE’ or ‘Security’.

Why Do Customers Choose Speedtech For Custom Printed Cinch Straps?

Speedtech employs a proprietary method for custom printing on cinch straps that leads the industry.

  • Unique and superior printing process.
  • Highest quality image.
  • Improved image longevity.

For Hook and Loop Cinch Straps, we print on the backside of the hook ‘tip’ section of the strap. This tip is facing up and visible after it is inserted through the buckle and back onto itself.

Ready To Order?

Call us directly at (800) 771-3896 or email to get started.

Still have questions  View the FAQ Tab or the More Information Tab below to learn about colors, artwork and how to order online 24/7. 



  • Cord & Cable Management
  • Network Applications
  • Data Communications
  • Electrical
  • Recreation
  • Medical Devices
  • HVAC
  • Transportation
  • Maintenance, Repair & Operations
  • Automotive/Marine
  • Pro Audio/Video
  • Home

SPEEDWRAP® Printed Cinch Straps are available in 3 widths. These Straps are made of Industrial Grade Nylon and are available with a plastic or optional metal buckle (rectangular ring).

  • Available in Black, Bright Orange, Neon Green, and Blue.
  • Standard, one color printing.
  • Multi-color printing by special request, minimums apply.
  • Multiple lengths available.


Q: Do I have to pay the artwork/setup/origination fee every time I order?
A: Our Screens & Fixtures last about 5 years. Therefore, there is no additional charge as long as it has been less than 5 years since your last order. In that case we would have to do another setup fee.

Q: If I order 300 of one size fastener, can I break up that total into different colored fasteners?
A: YES you can. Our minimum order is 100 each of a specific item, so you could order 3 different colors of the same size if you wish.

Q: What if I order different WIDTH fasteners? Can one artwork/setup/origination free cover that? And can I use different width fasteners to make up the minimum order requirement?
A: No and Sorry, No. You may use the same artwork for different width fasteners, but because the Screens and Fixtures are based on the width of the product we print on, each width requires a new fee. You can combine like widths to reach the minimum order, again a minimum of 100 per specific item.

Q: Can I get multi-color printing?
A: Multi-color printing is available on large quantity orders.

Q: What is the lead time?
A: Lead times depend on whether you are reordering or if this is your first order? For 1st time orders of SPEEDWRAP® Printed Cable Ties or Cinch Straps there’s a 4-6 week lead time. The lead time for custom printed TAPES is 8 weeks. For reorders, this just depends on our current demand and is usually shipped in 2-3 weeks, or sooner if needed.

Q: Can I get my order faster?
A: If delivery time is critical, please call us before placing your order. If we can expedite an order we always do so. And if we have your artwork from a prior order, expediting is much easier. A minimal expediting fee is required.

Q: How does Speedtech’s printing prices compare to others?
A: Speedtech’s customers tend to be more concerned with the quality of the fastener and the final printed image than the cost per fastener.

If you’ve already decided you want a message printed on a fastener, you’ve also probably decided that you need a good quality printed image, not the cheapest fastener available. The message on that strap might just be your company name or logo, so the last thing you want is a junk fastener or print job that is eventually going to be seen and reflect back on you! But please remember, we are not printing on paper, so fine lines and intricate detailed images do not print well, and are not allowed.

Speedtech has created proprietary methods for custom printed SPEEDWRAP® & VELCRO® Brand fasteners. These superior printing processes yield the highest quality image and improved image longevity, while not compromising the printed hook and loop functionality.

Speedtech is also the ONLY company printing continuous images across the entire surface of VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® tapes!

Comparing our custom printing pricing to other potential vendors may be a case of comparing apples and bananas. If the final quality of both the fastener and the printing are important to you, your company or brand- there’s only one choice – Speedtech.

Q. Do all custom printers of hook & loop use the same process? Are all the final products the same? A: Speedtech employs a proprietary method for custom printed SPEEDWRAP® & VELCRO® Brand fasteners. This superior printing process yields the highest quality image while not compromising the printed hook and loop functionality. You can watch our short video explaining the Speedtech Printing Difference.

As mentioned above, Speedtech is also the ONLY company printing continuous images across the entire surface of VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® tapes.

Made from VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Hook & Loop Material, SPEEDWRAP® back-to-back cable ties are laminated without adhesives. This unique manufacturing technique ensures that there is no chemical residue oozing out in the heat and the product will not delaminate during use. The fabrication of SPEEDWRAP® Brand Fasteners is performed at our ISO 9001:2015 Certified factory located in Racine, Wisconsin.

How to order custom printed cinch straps?

Step 1: Start the process by contacting us directly at (800) 771-3896.

Step 2: Upon receipt of your online order, you will receive an email from Speedtech requesting that you attach your artwork in a PDF file.

Step 3: A Speedtech team member will contact you to confirm that your artwork is approved and confirm the lead time.

Color, Pricing and Artwork

Color: For custom printed cinch straps, we offer as standard, one-color printing. 300 piece minimums. Lead Time is generally about 6 weeks after we approve your image. Fine lines and tight detail do not print very well.

Pricing: Please contact us for pricing. First-time orders require a one time only setup fee, for managing and organizing art. 


– If we are printing on the ¾” Strap, the image size is ⅝” tall x 2¼” long. 

– If we are printing on the 1” Strap, the image size is ¾” tall x 2¼” long. 

– If we are printing on the 2” Strap, the image size is 1¾” tall x 2¼” long. 

Design: Fine lines and serifs do not work well for custom printing. We suggest printing out your artwork to size to ensure it is legible in that size before finalizing and submitting. Speedtech does not alter your image, we just shrink it to fit the print window.

For multi-color printed cinch straps, request a quote by contacting us now.

All orders are final and custom samples will not be produced.

Need samples? While we cannot produce samples using your image, you can see a sample of how our logo looks and is rendered on a SPEEDWRAP Cinch Strap.  Contact us for a sample.

Lead time: From the date of confirmation of your order, you can expect your custom cinch straps in approximately 4-6 weeks or sooner if possible.

Additional Information About Our Custom Printed Cinch Straps

Speedtech offers custom printing of hook and loop ties, straps and tapes.

Industrial Grade SPEEDWRAP® Brand Cinch Straps are among the highest quality hook and loop fasteners. Hook and loop cinch straps are different from standard hook and loop cable ties because cinch straps have hook material along one section and loop material along another section of the strap. Cinch Straps also feature a buckle. The buckle allows the strap to “cinch down” onto a group of wires, cables or objects.


What is the difference in Speedtech’s printed SPEEDWRAP® Brand fasteners?

Speedtech employs a proprietary method for custom printed SPEEDWRAP® Brand fasteners. This superior printing process yields the highest quality image, improved image longevity while not compromising the printed hook and loop functionality. 

Feel free to view samples of our custom printing work here.


The fabrication of SPEEDWRAP® Brand Fasteners is performed at our ISO 9001:2015 located in Racine, Wisconsin.

SPEEDWRAP® is a registered trademark of Speedtech International, Inc.