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Secure/Connect Collection – Extension Cord Locks & Securing Loose Objects

The SPEEDWRAP® line of reusable fasteners includes solutions for securing loose objects, connecting power cables, and connecting extension cords.

Extension Cord Locks

Secure and connect power cords and extension cords cables so they don’t accidentally pull apart on stage, in the studio, or on the job site.

The SPEEDWRAP® Cord Connector™ secures and connects power cords, cables, wires, and more using specially designed hook & loop and specialty fasteners designed specifically for securing and connecting objects, cables, and cords. The most popular uses include:

SPEEDWRAP® Brand Suspender Straps™


Securing Loose Objects

Because our customers don’t want to use bulky ratchet straps on everything and shrink wrapping can be overkill and expensive, Speedtech offers some innovative fasteners.

We offer unique items for helping to secure loose objects including drums, boxes, and pallets. Solutions include the TY-UP® Bundling Ties that are perfect for intra-warehouse transport, storage, and shelving. We also make special banding straps made of super strong hook and loop material to secure tarps and other objects during storage or during intra-warehouse transport.

Don’t see the solution you need for your application? No worries, contact us for a custom solution to connect cables or secure loose objects today.