SPEEDWRAP® FIBERtie™ Straight Strips

The SPEEDWRAP® Brand FIBERtie™ product line includes cut-to-length tapes and fabricated cable ties. These hook and loop fasteners offer a reusable and adjustable cable management solution.

The self-gripping fastener’s unique design enables the installer to quickly wrap the tie around a bundle of fiber optic cables and then onto itself for a safe and secure hold.

Network installers and integrators prefer FIBERties™ because they are

  • Flexible.
  • Easy to use.
  • Reusable.
  • Gentle on fiber optic cables.
  • Wider than zip ties.

FIBERtie™ Fasteners are made from back-to-back hook and loop materials laminated without adhesives so there is no chemical residue and the product will not delaminate during use. These industrial grade hook and loop ties can be cycled (opened and closed) hundreds of times.

Available in Teal (Aqua), Maroon* (Cranberry), Blue, Yellow, Orange and Violet (Purple).

Teal (Aqua) - OM3 or OM4 Cables.

Yellow - Single Mode Cables.

Orange - OM1 or OM2.

Violet (Purple) - OM4+.

Blue - Basic Network.

Maroon* (Cranberry) - Plenum Applications

Applications include

  • Network Cable Management
  • Datacom / Telecom
  • Electrical

SPEEDWRAP® FIBERtie™ Fasteners are made from VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® – polyethylene hook laminated to a nylon loop.

  • RoHS Compliant.
  • Standard in Teal (Aqua), Maroon, Blue, Yellow, Orange and Violet (Purple).
  • Other colors available by special request.
  • Standard Packaging: 10/Bag and 100/Bag.
  • *Maroon (Cranberry) Plenum FIBERties are made from VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® – polypropylene (FR) hook laminated to an FR treated nylon loop.
  • Standard in both Cut-To-Length Tapes and Pre-Cut Ties.


Part Number Description Width Length Color Packaging Order Online
SWFTSS.5X5BLView MoreSPEEDWRAP® FIBERtie™ Straight Strips, 1/2X5, Blue0.55Blue10Order Online
SWFTSS.5X6BLView MoreSPEEDWRAP® FIBERtie™ Straight Strips, 1/2X6, Blue0.56Blue10Order Online
SWFTSS.5X7BLView MoreSPEEDWRAP® FIBERtie™ Straight Strips, 1/2X7, Blue0.57Blue10Order Online
SWFTSS.5X12BLView MoreSPEEDWRAP® FIBERtie™ Straight Strips, 1/2X12, Blue0.512Blue10Order Online
SWFTSS.75X18BLView MoreSPEEDWRAP® FIBERtie™ Straight Strips, 3/4X18, Blue0.7518Blue10Order Online
SWFTSS1X8BLView MoreSPEEDWRAP® FIBERtie™ Straight Strips, 1X8, Blue18Blue10Order Online