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Hook and loop cable ties, straps and tapes have become the go-to fastener for both recreational consumers and professionals in the audio & video marketplaces. Our specialty fasteners are easy to use, reusable, and work indoors and outdoors, gentle on wires and strong, they are ideal for both audio and video use:

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SPEEDWRAP® Brand Suspender Straps™


Problem: Find the right Feed Cable Suspenders for Movie Cameras on the production site.

Power and Feed cables always seem to be in the way of the side-to-side (X-Y) Movement of the Cameras on Camera Trucks and Trollies.

Solution: SPEEDWRAP® Suspender™ Strap

Speedtech’s innovative Suspender Strap features a method for quick bundling using an industrial-strength back-to-back material. The quick snap clip carabineer on the strap allows the crew to easily hang on racks, poles, and more. The fastened and mounted cables are managed away from the truck track but do not restrict the camera’s movement.