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If you need solutions for cable bundling, wire bundling, or hose bundles, we’ve got you covered. With one of the largest offerings of fasteners for material handling, cord and cable management, controlling patch cords, or hose organization – we have the right fastener for you.

Cable Bundling

With Speedtech, cable bundling has never been easier. We have a wide range of fastening solutions and products specifically designed for all your fastening needs. Specific areas include:

Banding Loose Objects, Drums, and Pallet Banding

Make sure to check out products like our SPEEDWRAP® Brand Ty-Up™ Banding Product for banding loose objects, drums, and pallets.

Bundling & Banding For Organization & Safety

Plant maintenance departments purchase SPEEDWRAP® Fasteners to organize, control, and secure bundled cables, wires, and hoses This supports OSHA Safety Plans, Factory productivity, and overall worker safety protocols.

Large Product Selection For Wire Bundling And Hose Banding

Featuring one of the largest offerings of hook & loop & specialty fasteners, Speedtech has your wire bundling and hose banding needs covered. Our products are also reusable and built for indoor or outdoor use.

SPEEDWRAP® Brand Cinch Straps with GrommetCinch Wrap


The way we bundle cable reflects on the quality of the entire installation. And proper bundling is critical to network performance. So we want the best looking cable ties, that are strong and won’t damage the cables themselves. For all these reasons, we’ve switched suppliers and buy SPEEDWRAP®.

-Rob Etmans, Valiant Electric Inc.


The applications for bundling and banding are limitless. The following are some common applications where our customers use or have used Speedtech products.

Bundling Cables: How To Bundle Cables?

The recommended way to bundle cables has to do with the environment and cable function. For example, one electrical industry standard for bundling wires is set by NECA. Whereas network wire bundling has standards set by BICSI. These standards are meant to ensure consistency across sites and the proper performance of the cables you are bundling.

Network Wire Bundling: Maintaining Network Performance

For example, there are ANSI Standards and BICSI standards for how fiber optic cables should be bundled versus POe Cables, These standards are critical for maintaining the performance of the network. Read Three Tips For Bundling Power Over Ethernet Cables.

Bundling Cords

Patch cords are one example of how great our reusable fasteners are for bundling. Musicians, Pro Audio Engineers, and Lighting Crews use SPEEDWRAP® Brand Fasteners because they’re reusable, flexible, and safe for all types of cables.

Several of our products are designed to stay permanently on cords so that when they’re in use, they remain with the cords themselves. This is especially helpful when using pre-printed fasteners with your company name, or cable type listed. Check our custom-printed fasteners to learn more.

Hose Bundles

Whether they’re on a job site, inside a factory, or on a truck, hoses need to be bundled when they’re not in use. Here are some common solutions:

Wire Bundling

Bundling wires is similar to bundling cables. Check with your industry for any standardization. When bundling and banding wires, we recommend color coding to make future maintenance easier. See our color coding tips for network cabling.

Bundling Marine Lines

Our SPEEDWRAP® Product line has several great solutions for bundling lines on yachts, smaller boats, or sailboats. For example, our SPEEDWRAP® Straps wrap around unused lines for storage, are reusable and are available in several colors for help with line identification. We even offer custom-printed fasteners so you can have the name of your crew, boat, or company printed on all your fasteners.

Another innovative fastening solution for marine applications is the use of SPEEDWRAP® Cinch Straps with End Grommet. These grommeted straps allow you to mount and attach lines or hoses to the hull or pier.

OSHA & Safety Benefits of Bundling and Banding

Whether it’s an automotive plant, smaller factory, warehouse, or job site, having messy hoses, cords or wires is dangerous. These lines can interfere with robotic equipment and workers or present a tripping hazard. Safety-conscious OEMs and Contractors bundle, band and organize hoses, cables, and wires to maintain safety and efficient production.

Whether it’s the maintenance department getting a few rolls of SPEEDWRAP® Tape from one of Fastenal Company’s Vending Machines, or purchasing larger quantities of product for your entire factory, there’s a SPEEDWRAP® solution made for you.

Banding Loose Objects, Drums, and Pallet Banding: Material Handling

The SPEEDWRAP® Product line includes innovative solutions for securing loose objects, drums, and pallets during transportation. We also have products that work well for securing boxes or drums while they’re stored on your shelves.

One example is the SPEEDWRAP® Brand Ty-Up® Banding Product. Simply wrap this roping solution around objects through its special cinching ring, then ‘hank down’ for a secure hold. While the product isn’t designed for on-the-road transport, the Ty-Up™ is perfect for intra-warehouse transportation and storage.