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Using Speedtech’s new SPEEDWRAP® Brand FIBERtie™ – Hook and Loop Ties for Network Cables.

How will Speedtech International’s new SPEEDWRAP® Brand FIBERtie™ Cable Ties help network installers, integrators and electricians?

Strong and Gentle:  Adjectives not just reserved for toilet paper.  As any electrical installer whose concerned with quality knows, you only want to use flexible cable management solutions around fiber.   Speedtech’s new SPEEDWRAP® Brand FIBERtie™- Hook and Loop Cable Ties are specifically designed for the data communications marketplace.  These flexible, reusable fasteners help data communications and electrical installers safely bundle, route and secure wires and cords.  The ties are strong enough to manage large bundles, yet flexible enough to keep fiber and other data cables safe.

New- Industry Colors! FIBERties are available in special network-accepted colors. As a result, the flexible, reusable fasteners help data communications installers and electrical installers to identify network and fiber cables. For example, Teal (aqua) for OM3 or OM4 cables, Yellow for single mode cabling, Orange for OM1 or OM2 cabling and Violet (Purple) for OM4+ network cables. The availability of these colors is exciting to anyone dealing in fiber optic cable management, including Installers and Electrical Distributors.

In addition to these unique fiber related colors, FIBERtie is also available in Blue for use with low voltage cabling and Maroon (Cranberry) color for use with cabling being installed in air handling spaces or that may require plenum-rated fasteners.

Quality Counts: You’ve installed all the finest equipment, servers, racking, power conditioning and more.  It’s time for the final icing on the cake.  You want the top quality and best valued tie to complete the project, right?    Quality installations call for quality cable management.  SPEEDWRAP® FIBERtie Cable Ties are made from VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP™ and considered one of the finest hook and loop fasteners.  The product is fabricated in Speedtech’s ISO Certified Factory located in Racine, Wisconsin.

Appearance: The ‘look’ of your installation is essentially your stamp on the job.  Your mark.  Your calling card.  Quality installers are looking for the best look cable management- and part of the distinction is how good looking the fasteners are.  For this reason, installers choose SPEEDWRAP® Brand Hook & Loop Fasteners.  And now, with fiber identification becoming more important not only for the install but also downstream maintenance, the new colors offered in FIBERtie™- Hook and Loop Cable Ties  are increasingly important.

Download the FIBERtie Brochure or to learn more about becoming an Authorized SPEEDWRAP® Brand Electrical Distributor, visit, email: or call 262-635-9393.