Cinch Straps

Quality Cinch Straps, Reusable Hook and Loop Cable Straps

Our customers tell us that they are looking for straps to bundle, band, organize or otherwise hold wires, cables or objects together. And that their (or their customer’s) application calls for a quality, reusable fastener that will be durable and is proven for the application.

But they’ve learned that not all manufacturers are the same. Some strap manufacturers use inferior materials or manufacturing techniques that negatively impact the reusability or durability of the Tie & Cinch Straps. Most customers don’t have the time to become cinch strap experts and instead, they want to place their trust in industry leaders like Speedtech.

At Speedtech, we believe that quality materials and fabrication methods make all the difference. Our offering of Industrial-Grade reusable cable and cinch straps ensures that you’ll find the ‘correct’ fastener for the application.

We understand that with all these choices, it can be overwhelming. So if you don’t see the perfect product listed below, or simply have more questions – please contact us, or click to learn more if you are an engineer, product manager, or purchasing agent/buyer.