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Quality Cinch Straps, Reusable Hook and Loop Cable Straps

Our customers tell us that they are looking for straps to bundle, band, organize or otherwise hold wires, cables or objects together. And that their (or their customer’s) application calls for a quality, reusable fastener that will be durable and is proven for the application.

But they’ve learned that not all manufacturers are the same. Some strap manufacturers use inferior materials or manufacturing techniques that negatively impact the reusability or durability of the Tie & Cinch Straps. Most customers don’t have the time to become cinch strap experts and instead, they want to place their trust in industry leaders like Speedtech.

At Speedtech, we believe that quality materials and fabrication methods make all the difference. Our offering of Industrial-Grade reusable cable and cinch straps ensures that you’ll find the ‘correct’ fastener for the application.

We understand that with all these choices, it can be overwhelming. So if you don’t see the perfect product listed below, or simply have more questions – please contact us, or click to learn more if you are an engineer, product manager, or purchasing agent/buyer.

Buy cinch straps from an experienced, trusted and leading supplier

Whether it’s Hook & Loop Cinch Straps, Reusable Tie Straps or Loop Straps, SPEEDWRAP® and VELCRO® brand straps stand out from the competition by always putting quality first. Whether it’s the raw material used or fabrication techniques, these straps feature welding, high quality buckles and are ISO Certified.

Explore our wide selection of commercial-grade, Reusable Tie Straps and choose from a variety of sizes, colors that get the job done.

Ready-To-Ship & Custom Loop Straps

If you don’t see the reusable cinch strap you need, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our customer service department. We’ll help you find the right solution to fit your needs.

Custom solutions include having us print your name or company logo or other markings on cinch straps. View our custom solutions here. 

Quality Reusable Cinch Straps

Speedtech’s hook and loop reusable tie straps include:
• Plastic or metal buckles
• Standard or Heavy Duty Cable Straps
• Printed or Logo’d Straps
• SPEEDWRAP® Brand Hook and Loop Reusable Tie Straps
• VELCRO® Brand Reusable Straps.
• Elastic Straps, All-Weather Loop Straps, Build Your Own Cable Straps, Reusable Tie Straps and Custom Solutions.

Most of these straps are manufactured in our ISO Certified Facility located in Racine, Wisconsin.


When it comes to cinch straps, fact is, they’re not all made the same. Some manufacturers cut corners with inferior materials or they use fabrication techniques that make the loop straps less durable and less reusable.

SPEEDWRAP® Cinch Straps are made from top-of-the-line materials, welding techniques and high quality buckles. Whether you choose from SPEEDWRAP® Brand or VELCRO® Brand VELSTRAPS, these reusable straps can be used hundreds of times for a multitude of purposes.

If quality is as important, we’ll help you find the correct fastener to fit your needs.

Benefits of Cinch Straps

If your goal is to “cinch down” a bundle of wires or objects for a tighter hold, you’d use a cinch strap over a SPEEDWRAP® Standard Hook & Loop Cable Tie. Cinch straps are also ideal for grouping pipe, struts and other solid objects in places like construction sites, in shops or warehouses.

Speedtech also offers a variety of styles, sizes and colors as well as custom fasteners.

When you want to access or maintain a wire bundle, then Reusable Hook & Loop Cable straps like SPEEDWRAP® or VELCRO® Brand Velstraps™ are the way to go. These Hook and Loop straps have been widely embraced by the industry for their simplicity of use and durability. Just open up the fastener, add or remove wires, then re-fasten the cable strap for a quick and easy hold.

The SPEEDWRAP® line has one of the largest selections of reusable hook & loop cable straps including Heavy Duty Cinch Straps, Elastic Straps, Build Your Own Straps and Custom Printed Loop Straps.

What’s the difference between a Hook & Loop Ties and Cinch Straps?

SPEEDWRAP® and VELCRO® Brand Cable ties feature hook material on one side and loop material on the other side. The tie features a head and a strap section, allowing it to be inserted through a slot into the tie. Some customers skip this step and overlap the material over itself to retain a secure hold.

However, if you want to pull or ‘cinch’ down on an object or bundle, we recommend you use a Hook & Loop Cinch Strap as opposed to a Cable Tie. If you’re looking for Cinch Straps, we offer standard duty fasteners with plastic buckles or heavier duty fasteners with metal buckles for a solid hold that does a solid job.

Quality, Service & Expertise. Speedtech ISO 9001:2015 Registered.

Cinch Strap Support for Engineers

Engineers appreciate working with Speedtech because we offer certifications, technical support and guidance to ensure you are specifying the ‘correct’ reusable cinch strap for your application. For guidance or documentation on loop straps, contact us today.

Support When Purchasing

We know you are busy. Let us help you with cross referencing, product selection, locate an Authorized SPEEDWRAP® Distributor or for any other support – by contacting us today. To place an order email us at [email protected], call 800-771-3896 or check out all of our online ordering options.

Why Do Product Managers Choose SPEEDWRAP® Straps?

Product Managers tell us that they want to offer their customers the highest quality Hook & Loop Straps & Specialty Straps. They want to offer the broadest selection and a known name in the Industrial Marketplace. Lastly, Product Managers tell us that they never want to hear a complaint about a product from someone in the field as that reflects poorly on them personally.

Speedtech offers one of the largest offerings and highest quality cinch strap product lines. We have products to meet your customers’ differing price targets, applications and the line offers excellent margins. Find out just how great we can make you look in the eyes of your Sales Team and Customers by contacting us today.

SPEEDWRAP® is a registered trademark of Speedtech International, Inc.
VELCRO® is a registered trademark of Velcro Industries BVBA. Used with permission.