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Wisconsin Electrical Players come together in support of the new Crescent Electrical Supply Facility.

We’re proud to congratulate Crescent Electrical Supply on their new Sturtevant, Wisconsin facility, a project that included three local companies and demonstrates the potential for FOXCONN’s Wisconsin First Initiative.

This story features the following companies located in Racine and Kenosha County: Crescent, Valiant Electric, FOXCONN and Speedtech International, Inc.


The Foxconn development in Racine County prompted Crescent Electrical, a National Distributor of electrical hardware and supplies, to increase the size of its distribution facility in Racine County. Because Crescent is in the electrical and low voltage cabling business, they understand the importance of using the highest quality installers and fasteners insider their new facility featuring 45,000 square feet of distribution, office and a showroom space.

Low Voltage Cabling: Installation and Cable Management Fasteners:

speedwrap fasteners

Cables Bundled @ Crescent using SPEEDWRAP Printed Tape

Valiant Electric of Kenosha Wisconsin performed all of the structured cabling and low voltage cabling design and installation. Rob Etmans, Valiant’s Director of Technology explains, “Hook & loop may seem like a minor product in the grand scope of a project, but only until you don’t have any. It’s essential to have rolls and rolls on hand. It’s got to be high quality. There’s nothing worse than when you are bundling cable and your hook & loop just won’t hold. Luckily we found a local company with the best product. We performed the work for a local partner in Crescent and we were able to install our favorite Hook & Loop Fasteners. This entire expansion was done in part to support the future demand from FOXCONN.”

SPEEDWRAP®- Supporting Network Performance:

The SPEEDWRAP® Brand Product Line includes both Hook & Loop and Specialty Fasteners. The majority of their fastener solutions are designed to provide cord & cable management. Hook & Loop Fasteners have become the standard product for bundling low voltage cabling including fiber optic, access control and Power over Ethernet (PoE).


Because of the fastener’s design and construction, quality-conscious installers consider SPEEDWRAP® the go-to-fastener for routing, bundling, organizing or identifying low voltage cabling. Steve Pope, Speedtech’s Vice President of Sales explains, “We’ve seen a growing trend towards smaller bundle size so that fewer PoE cables are grouped together. This ensures that these types of cables can dissipate the heat generated in the cables. Our Low-Profile Cable Ties and Double-Sided Tapes allow a fast and secure cable tie for these smaller sized bundles. With the release of our new line of FIBERtie™ Pre-Cut Ties, installers can color code cables, faster and support the overall network performance.”


Rob Etmans adds, “When it comes to PoE Cables, we prefer to group a smaller number of cables per bundle. We SPEEDWRAP them together to ensure this bundling is performed correctly and when nested in a tray, this type of bundling also helps with heat dissipation. We also bundle security cameras separately for maintenance. The extra consideration and time up front not only support network performance but it makes any future maintenance go faster!”



Using SPEEDWRAP® Cable Management Fasteners, manufactured by Speedtech International located here in Racine, supports the Wisconsin First approach.

Established by Foxconn and Gilbane | Exyte for business contracting workforce utilization for the Wisconn Valley Science & Technology Park Area 1 Phase 1 program, Wisconsin First is the approach that emphasizes contracting with Wisconsin businesses and utilization of Wisconsin’s diverse workforce. When allowable, the state and local partners will also work to meet established goals** including 60% of business contracting from Wisconsin-based businesses and 10% of business contracting with Racine County based businesses.


As Speedtech’s President, Chris Karnowski explains, “FOXCONN can utilize local Distributors, Installers and Speedtech all within a short distance from FOXCONN’s new facilities. I can only speak for Speedtech, but we are standing by to supply the specialty fasteners required to manage all of the telecom, datacom, and low voltage cabling in these facilities. Our Industrial Grade and Innovative hook & loop solutions can bundle, organize, route and protect cables, hoses etc. on FOXCONN’s robotic equipment, around workstations, inside communication closets and server rooms, inside the offices and more. We can definitely check all the boxes.”

Wisconsin First is the approach, established by Foxconn and Gilbane | Exyte for business contracting workforce utilization for the Wisconn Valley Science & Technology Park Area 1 Phase 1 program. It places an emphasis on contracting with Wisconsin businesses and utilization of Wisconsin residents including a diverse workforce. When allowable, the state and local partners will also work to meet these goals.

For more information about this story or SPEEDWRAP® Brand Products, contact your local Authorized SPEEDWRAP® Distributor or Speedtech – [email protected] or 800-771-3896  



**Wisconn Valley Workforce Inclusion and Business Diversity

  Workforce Inclusion and Diversity:  

Business Contracting and Inclusion: