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Tie Wraps, Cable Ties, Cinch Straps and More

SPEEDWRAP® is the Professional Fastener. Manufactured by Speedtech, our line includes Hook & Loop Fasteners and other Specialty Products.

SPEEDWRAP® fasteners are made from the highest quality materials using quality manufacturing techniques. Most of our manufacturing takes place at our ISO 9001:2015 Registered Factory located in Racine, WI USA.

SPEEDWRAP® Tie Wraps are carried by leading Industrial Distributors including Fastenal and several others. These products are used by Professional Contractors, Installers, Integrators, and Manufacturers.

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Not all hook & loop fasteners are made the same. Unlike nylon zip ties, SPEEDWRAP® Hook & Loop Fasteners are industrial grade, flexible, reusable, and gentle on wires or cables that could be damaged through the use of lower quality zip ties.

One unique feature of SPEEDWRAP® Standard Cable ties, Tie Wraps and Tapes is that they’re laminated without adhesives.

That means there’s no chemical residue so the product won’t delaminate during use. This is very important when the fastener is used in warmer environments. It’s also why many OEM’s & Installers choose SPEEDWRAP® over other brands.


Another unique feature of this product line is that the head section of SPEEDWRAP® Brand cable ties is larger than other ties. This provides more surface area for hook & loop engagement. It’s a difference you can see for yourself by simply comparing a SPEEDWRAP® Tie with another brand.

To use a SPEEDWRAP® Brand tie, just insert the tip of the tie through the head and cinch down to stay permanently attached to a cable…

…or just wrap it around a bundle or object, then onto itself for a secure hold.


For tighter spaces OR where you need an even more flexible fastener, SPEEDWRAP® Low Profile Cable Wraps are ideal in that they’re thinner, reusable, and incredibly strong.

Installers, Integrators & Engineers use SPEEDWRAP® Brand Cable Ties because of our wide variety of sizes and colors, as well as the quality of the fasteners themselves.

Custom Hook & Loop Fasteners

Don’t see the size or correct cable tie for your application? No worries. Speedtech is a leading U.S. based manufacturer of SPEEDWRAP® as well as one of the leading custom fabricators and converters of cable ties in the industry.

As an ISO Certified manufacturer, Speedtech can provide custom hook and loop ties in the exact size, shape or color you want, with the quality and consistency leading OEM’s, Installers and Distributors need.

Print your name, logo or info on SPEEDWRAP®

Have you considered getting your company name, logo or website printed on Hook & Loop Fasteners? With Speedtech’s proprietary printing capabilities, you can display important messages on cables you are bundling or even promote your company at a job site or an installation.

Beyond Hook & Loop – SPEEDWRAP® Speciality Fasteners

Because of the customers and Distributors we serve, our offerings have expanded beyond Hook & Loop to specialty items. Examples include:


Customers have enough on their plates. That’s why Speedtech is the right choice.

We make it easy for customers to find the products, service, support, and fast delivery they need to meet all their fastener needs.

To find the correct SPEEDWRAP® fastener solution for your application, explore this website, contact Speedtech.