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SPEEDWRAP® & VELCRO® Brand Hook & Loop Tapes

If you’re looking for top-quality fastening tape, you’ve come to the right supplier. With one of the largest product offerings of ready-to-ship Hook & Loop Tapes, plus in-house custom manufacturing and printing, Speedtech has your Fastening Tape needs covered.

For over 25 years, we’ve been considered a market leader in the manufacturing and distribution of hook & loop fasteners. Our SPEEDWRAP® Hook and Loop Tapes are fabricated in-house at our ISO Certified Factory in Racine, Wisconsin. These rolls & reels come in a variety of lengths, widths and colors including plenum tapes as well RoHS, REACh and Berry Compliant options.

How do I find the Correct Hook & Loop Tape for my Application?

Not all tapes are made the same. Some manufacturers use inferior materials and fabrication techniques. The result is a tape that delaminates or has inconsistent coloring from order to order. If you’re looking for the highest quality tape for your products, applications or customers, Speedtech has you covered. Our customers choose us because they know they’ll get hook & loop fasteners made from top-of-the-line materials and fabricated at our ISO Certified Factory located in Racine, Wisconsin.

Check out our product offerings below. If you don’t see what you need, simply contact us for our custom tape options and we’ll be happy to help.

What is Hook & Loop Tape?

Hook and Loop Tape is a reusable fastening solution made to be cut to specific lengths for securely fastening a variety of items. The ability to cut the tape to size makes it easy-to-use and has thousands of applications. With a piece of SPEEDWRAP Standard Tape or VELCRO Brand ONE-WRAP, you’re able to wrap it around an object or bundle of wires and back onto itself for a secure hold you can trust.

There are many different types of Hook & Loop Tapes. Here are just a few:


Speedtech has been fabricating VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® longer than almost any fabricator in North America. In 1994, we helped pioneer the use of ONE-WRAP® which has become the premier cord and cable management solution in the industry.

We’re proud to be an authorized VELCRO® Brand Distributor specializing in ONE-WRAP® Double-Sided Tapes. If you don’t see the VELCRO® Fastener you’re looking for, please contact us for answers to all your pricing & availability questions.


Speedtech is known for its quality custom printing on hook & loop tape and we’ve recently introduced continuous, random pattern printing on VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Tapes. Check out photos and customer reviews here.

We Specialize in double-sided, Hook & Loop Tape

Because one side is hook material and the other side loop material, double-sided tapes are sometimes referred to as ‘back-to-back’ or ‘cable tie tapes.’ This method of construction allows the user to cut the tape to specific lengths – allowing them to create their own custom length cable tie. The tie is then wrapped around a bundle of wires or an object, then onto itself for a secure and reusable hold.

Since 1993, Speedtech has been a leader in the fabrication and customization of double-sided tapes. With one of the largest offerings including colored hook and loop tape, in-house manufacturing and custom printing services – Engineers, Buyers and Product Managers don’t have to search any further than Speedtech.

Can You Order Hook & Loop Tape In Bulk?

Yes. Speedtech is a leading wholesaler with the selection, expertise and pricing to fulfill bulk orders of Hook and Loop Tape as well as other hook and loop products. Because of our inventory and manufacturing scale, we’ve become a leading supplier of hook and loop rolls to the medical industry in response to their PPE needs.

Rolls of Hook & Loop for Face Shields, Sneeze Guards and PPE?

Because of our tape expertise, MADE IN USA Manufacturing and responsiveness, Speedtech has become a leading supplier of hook & loop tape to the medical industry for face shields and other PPE.

Some of these medical applications include tape used to secure face shields on the wearer’s head, tape for connecting and mounting sneeze guards and other plexi-glass dividers, as well as cable tie rolls for cord management on ventilators. To learn more about medical solutions including PPE visit our medical markets page.

Serving Product Managers

There are several types of Hook and Loop Tape products out there, so we understand the need to make sure your company is stocking the highest quality items for your customers. That’s where Speedtech comes in.

Why BUYERS source their tape needs from Speedtech

If you’re a Buyer, we know your reputation is built on the products you source. And when you work with Speedtech, you’re guaranteed the highest quality, Industrial Grade, Hook and Loop Tape at a competitive price. Contact us or call 800-771-3896 for pricing or support.

Serving Engineers with Hook & Loop Tapes

As an Engineer, your reputation is tied to the products you specify for the application or your product. The most common questions we help Engineers with are:

Frequently Asked Questions About Hook & Loop Tape Rolls

Below are some of the most common questions asked by Engineers, Product Managers and Buyers on a daily basis. For more information, feel free to contact us today.

What sizes, widths and lengths are available? Can we cut them to specific lengths?
We offer a wide variety of sizes, widths, lengths and colors using different raw materials. Check out our selection. If you need us to custom fabricate rolls or reels, we can do so quickly and to your specifications.

What Hook matches best with what Loop?
This often depends on the intended use for the product. We consider the sheer and peel values you might need, application considerations and more to give you advice. Contact us for support.

This depends on what tape(s) are used and their application. Contact our customer service team and we can give you the information you need.

Strength? How much will they hold?
This is contingent upon what tape(s) are used and the intended application. We typically leave the final determination to the customer who tests our product on their specific application. Contact us to get started on this evaluation.

Can it hold, yet not be too difficult to pull apart?
Again, this depends upon your intended use as the majority of our double sided tapes are used for cord and cable management. VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® and SPEEDWRAP® Tapes are perfect for their holding strength and are not easily pulled apart.

There are many different tapes one might use on a medical brace where (for example) an elderly patient may need a very light peel value so they can open the brace. Whatever your needs, there’s a correct tape for your application and we’re happy to help. However, finding the right solution will come down to your own testing.

What’s the cycle life of the hook & loop fastener?
This depends on which tape you choose. VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® and SPEEDWRAP® Tapes are popular because they can be opened and closed hundreds of times – making them ideal for industrial cord & cable management applications. While other tapes have extreme hold, they’re not as reusable because their hooks or loops are damaged with each opening.

Overlap/Engagement required?
This depends upon the tape you choose. As a rule of thumb, the more overlap, the more engagement of hooks to loop.

Which adhesive works best on their material? Aren’t all adhesives alike?
No. Adhesives are different from one another and some are designed for very specific surfaces. Please contact us for more information.

Are the rolls or reels bagged or presented or boxed?
We bag SPEEDWRAP® Tapes and ship them boxed. The number of bagged rolls or reels per box depends upon the width and length of the fasteners. For customers with larger orders, we’ll box the product without bagging. VELCRO® Tapes are also available in what they call ‘Trade Range’ where each reel comes in its own dispenser box.

Where are they made and stocked? What is their availability?
VELCRO® Tapes are made in the United States and Mexico. Most SPEEDWRAP® is fabricated and stocked at our ISO Certified Factory in Racine, Wisconsin. We also offer Berry Compliant Tape. Availability depends upon the product and quantity you require. In general, many industrial customers come to Speedtech because of our responsiveness, large inventory and in-house manufacturing.

What colors are available?
We offer more than a dozen colors as well as plenum rated REACh and ROhS Rated Fasteners. Because we’re the manufacturer of SPEEDWRAP®, the tapes are shipped as quickly as possible.

What is the cost? Are there price breaks for larger quantities?
Pricing depends upon the quantity. Our model has fixed discounting based on volume. We offer 24/7 sales on our eCommerce site with pricing that protects our Authorized SPEEDWRAP® Brand Distributors.

Can I print on the tape?
Yes. We have the highest quality printed hook & loop tapes. You can order custom printed tape with your name, brand or message printed on the entire length of the tape. Check out our photos and customer reviews here.

Are Hook & Loop Tapes Waterproof?
No tapes are waterproof. However, all of our products hold up well outdoors.

For answers to all of your questions, please contact us for one-on-one support.


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