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Speedtech INTRODUCES NEW Speedwrap® Brand  Cinch Straps with End Grommets 

Speedtech INTRODUCES NEW Speedwrap® Brand Cinch Straps with End Grommets

Racine, Wisconsin – September 5th, 2013– Speedtech International Inc., the manufacturer of SPEEDWRAP® brand hook and loop cable management products and wholesaler of VELCRO® brand fasteners,

introduces SPEEDWRAP® brand cinch straps with end grommets.
Speedtech’s new line of SPEEDWRAP® Brand cinch straps with end grommets are similar to SPEEDWRAP®, ‘Standard Cinch Straps’ and similar to VELCRO® brand VELSTRAPS®, in that they feature a ‘tip’ of hook material sewn or welded to a fixed length of loop material, with a buckle at its end. Two of the most popular examples of fixed length, hook and loop cinch straps are SPEEDWRAP® brand Cinch Straps and the VELCRO® brand VELSTRAP®.

The new addition to the SPEEDWRAP® family of cinch straps builds upon the popular SPEEDWRAP® brand ‘standard cinching strap design’ with the addition of a brass grommet located just past the plastic buckle, at the end of the strap. The brass grommet is recommended for use with a #12 or M5 screw.

The new family of mountable SPEEDWRAP® brand hook and loop cinch straps are gentle on wires and fiber, reusable and allow users to mount the cinch straps (including the objects or wires fastened within them) to almost any surface. Steve Pope, Vice President of Speedtech International, the manufacturer of SPEEDWRAP® fasteners explains, “One of the most popular applications for our end grommet style cinching straps are data centers. A data center may have 1,000 cabinets, all screwed to side rails on racks. Our grommet-style cinch straps are mounted to these rails during the cabinet installation. After the cabinets are built and the racks are installed, integrators use our SPEEDWRAP® Cinch Straps to route, mount and organize all the wires, power cords and cables in the closet. Aside from just cleaning up these tight ‘rack-n-stack’, managing all that wiring, fiber and power cords in a tighter fashion, actually helps improve air flow in the closet!”

Installers and corporations spend millions of dollars on data centers and each individual cabinet can have several hundred cables. For example, a typical cabinet might have 85 power cords, not to mention all the CAT-6, fiber or SMTP cables. With the increase in investment in these data centers and with so many cables, the demand for mountable hook and loop fastening solutions has also grown- especially higher quality ones. Steve Pope comments, “After investing in expensive data centers, Corporations, installers and integrators are not going to ‘skimp’ when it comes to quality cable management solutions. Instead, integrators want the highest quality cord and cable management solutions. When it comes to quality hook and loop cinch straps, SPEEDWRAP® brand cinch straps and the VELCRO® brand VELSTRAP® are among the best.”

The SPEEDWRAP® brand of hook and loop products are considered the ‘industrial grade’ fastener line and a brand of choice for integrators. Speedtech’s, SPEEDWRAP® cinch straps with end grommets are made in the USA at Speedtech’s ISO 9001:2008 Certified factory located in Racine, Wisconsin. The new SPEEDWRAP® brand cinch straps with end grommets have a peel rating of 2 PIW and a shear value of 14 PSI, have an average tensile rating of 50lbs, are made of nylon, feature a plastic ring and brass grommet. These new mountable hook and loop cinch straps are reusable, come standard in .75” and 1” widths, are available in a variety of lengths and come standard in black. Other sizes and colors are available by special order.