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If you need a strap with grommet, or straps with grommets, Speedtech and our subsidiary, TFI Custom Fabrication, have you covered!  

Maybe you are looking for a strap with grommet but you’ve quickly learned that these fasteners come in various materials and include several different features. And if you did an online search, you may have been easily overwhelmed by a large number of suppliers. So, how do you know who is the right supplier for your company?

Speedtech exists to simplify this process and guide you to the best products available for your application.

Straps with grommets come in a variety of materials and are used in a number of different applications  

Almost any strap can have grommets added to it.  To start, you need to know what type of material you want the strap made of.  These can include

  1. Nylon Webbing (almost like seatbelts or similar materials).
  2. Hook and loop (including but not limited to VELCRO® Brand Fasteners
  3. Other Materials

Speedtech and TFI Custom Fab specialize in Nylon Webbing and Hook & Loop Straps for the Industrial Marketplace. 

SPEEDWRAP® End Strap with GrommetHook and Loop

We offer one of the largest selections of hook and loop straps. If we don’t have an off-the-shelf solution, we can quickly fabricate a strap with grommet to fit your application!  Two of the most popular options include the SPEEDWRAP® Cinch Strap with Grommet and the SPEEDWRAP® Cinch Strap with End Grommet.  If those stock items aren’t suited to your application, contact us for guidance on a custom strap with grommet.


Strap with GrommetNylon Webbing Straps

Through our recent acquisition of TFI Custom Fabrication, we have an additional factory dedicated to nylon webbing and other textile strapping solutions.  TFI does tons of special fabrications, including straps made utilizing ultrasonic welding, industrial sewing, and custom printing. 

Our two most popular cinch strap with grommets.

Our SPEEDWRAP® Cinch Strap with End Grommet is similar to our SPEEDWRAP® Cinch Straps, utilizing the ‘standard cinching strap design’ and typically made from nylon hook and loop material.  With the addition of a metal grommet located just past the plastic buckle at the end of the strap, users can mount the cinch straps and the objects or wires fastened within them, to a variety of cabinets or other surfaces.  

This strap with grommet is designed for cable retention, organization, and routing. Simply attach the strap to a surface, add cables later, or pre-bundle and mount them to almost any surface.  The SPEEDWRAP® Cinch Strap with End Grommet is gentle on wires and fiber cable, reusable, and allows users to mount the cinch straps, vertically or horizontally, to almost any surface, in a number of applications.

How To Use A Strap with Grommet

Typically a grommet is added to a strap so that you can mount the fastener to a surface or another object.  For example, screwing, riveting, or nailing the strap to a surface. Often this is done before the cables or objects are bundled so that you can plan the route of the cabling.  Then after the strap with grommet is mounted, you return and route or dress the cabling.

In other instances objects, hoses or cables are first bundled with the straps and then the fastener with the bundled cables is attached to a surface or other object.

Popular Applications For A Strap With Grommet

How Do I Know What Material, Size, or Product To Choose?

If you have a general understanding of the strap with grommet options but aren’t quite sure if you need a more robust nylon webbing strap versus a hook & loop fastener or you don’t know what type of hook & loop material your strap should be made from, contact us.

We are here to guide you through your options.  Our conversation can help us recommend different hook and loop materials to provide the strength and ease of use your application requires.  It may also lead us to recommend a more robust strap made from other materials.

In either case, we have you covered…