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Should customers have their product fabricated using sewing or ultrasonic welding?

Customers often ask whether they should have their product fabricated using sewing or ultrasonic welding, we thought we’d share some tips.

Ultrasonic Welding

What is ultrasonic welding?

The ultrasonic welding process uses ultrasonic, high-frequency acoustic waves instead of heat or electricity. As two components are held under pressure, the ultrasonic welder emits sound waves that travel through the materials. When the waves locate the contact point, they cause the materials to vibrate, which generates friction, creating the heat that melts the components. Once the waves have finished, the materials cool and harden, creating a resilient bond.

What does this mean for hook and loop?

Welding hook and loop is a common application of ultrasonic welding as the ultrasonic welder creates a bond that is stronger than one achieved by sewing. As a result, the hook and loop straps have the strength equivalent of one solid piece of material, creating a reliable bond. Ultrasonic welding is an efficient method for securing both the hook to the loop, and a ring to the strap.

Why does Speedtech ultrasonically weld some products and not others?

While the majority of what we ultrasonically weld is cinch straps, we also weld tons of custom products for our OEM customers.

When producing a custom solution we work one-on-one to understand the product and application in order to appropriately recommend the correct fastening solution.

Industrial Sewing
Ultrasonic Welding

Meet A Guide

When looking for a quality fabricator who knows how to ultrasonically weld and when to suggest sewing instead, Speedtech is uniquely qualified to support you. We have over 25 years of experience in hook and loop and specialty fasteners. Consulting experience trusted by Product Engineers, and Designers as well as Quality and Processing Engineers.

Contact us today for one-one-one guidance, application solutions, pricing and more.