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Product: Speedwrap® Ty-Up® Pallet & Cinching Tie

Product: Speedwrap® Ty-Up® Pallet & Cinching Tie


April 1, 2011: Speedtech International Incorporated, a Wisconsin based manufacturer of hook and loop fasteners and distributor of Velcro® is pleased to introduce the new Ty-Up® Tie – the ultimate pallet strap and cinch-down tie.

This innovative strapping system is simple to use, fast to apply and remove and has thousands of applications. Users simply wrap the pre-cut length Ty-Up® rope around an object then slide the slack through the specially designed hook, pulling tight to create a secure hold. The application can be performed in one, quick, easy motion.

Common uses for Ty-Up® Ties include securing boxes or other palletized items during transportation, to tie down objects in a truck bed, securing barrels, bundling objects and strapping objects down inside a truck. For short distance transportation applications, there isn’t a better strapping solution on the market. Ty-Up® customers range from shipping departments, factory maintenance, repair and operations departments as well as homeowners and outdoor and recreation users.

In addition to saving time, Ty-Up® Ties can be reused 100’s of times. By eliminating the waste associated with strapping, shrink and stretch wraps, Ty-Up® Ties are truly an environmentally friendly product.

As a leading fabricator and distributor of Velcro® fastening solutions with a focus on offering customers a wide array of hook and loop straps, ties and tape product, Speedtech’s customers are looking for solutions to their bundling, fastening and strapping needs. Steve Pope, Speedtech’s Vice President of Marketing states, “The Ty-Up® cinching tie is the type of unique product that our customers rave about. The Ty-Up® is essentially a rope with a patented cinching head that virtually makes knots, obsolete. You use the product once and you can’t help but chuckle and wonder how such a simple solution took so long to be conceived.”

Speedtech International offers this unique strapping solution in bulk quantities and sells the product individually packaged online at The ties ship with an enclosed instruction card illustrating how Ty-Up® Ties draw tightly around your load and lock into position.

The new Ty-Up® Ties (available in several sizes for varying applications) can be purchased online at or to have the ties custom manufactured to fit your application, contact Speedtech at 800-771-3896 or [email protected]. Speedtech’s full product line as well as demonstration videos for this product and more can be found at