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Innovative Hook & Loop Fasteners from SPEEDWRAP®, Cord-Lox® & VELCRO® Brand


innovative hook and loop fasteners from SPEEDWRAP®, Velcro® and Cord-Lox®

Innovative Hook & Loop Fasteners 

Cables and cords can end up in a messy ball of spaghetti if you don’t bundle, organize and store them properly. Fortunately, there are innovative hook & loop fasteners to make the task easier.

By now, most of us know that we can use rope, nylon zip ties, hook & loop or VELCRO® Brand Cable Ties to prevent the ‘spaghetti’ or rat’s nest of cables.

Musicians, audio/video and lighting professionals don’t use zip ties.  Ties can wear through the cabling jacket, damaging the cables or cords. Damage is also a danger when cutting the cables during removal.  Cutting the cable jacket destroys a one hundred dollar cable while removing a ten cent cable tie. Hook & loop ties and rope ties have become the product-of-choice due to their easy to use nature.  Not to mention, no more cutting zip ties!

Here are a few of our favorite cord and cable management brands along with one of their innovative hook & loop fasteners.

VELCRO® Brand Fasteners

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you’re aware of this brand. The VELCRO® Brand dominates the consumer retail space and also offer products for the industrial space. When it comes to VELCRO® Brand Fasteners, there are some awesome solutions for bundling, banding and organizing cords and cables.

Innovative hook and loop fasteners from Velcro®The top three include:

Made from various materials, these products will manage your cords and cables in different ways.

One unique product is the ONE-WRAP® Cable Ties. Sold on reels, users easily pull single ties from the reel, one by one.  This packaging is especially popular with the wire harness manufacturers.

SPEEDWRAP® Brand Fasteners

Innovative hook and loop fasteners from SPEEDWRAP®Another popular hook & loop product line is SPEEDWRAP® Brand Fasteners. They are designed for Professionals and the Industrial Marketplace.  Products include cinch straps, rolls and reels of tape and a large cable tie assortment. The SPEEDWRAP® brand evolved from 25 years of industrial usage and industry feedback.  It is especially popular with low voltage, network and data communications professionals.

One unique product in this line is the Cord Connector™. Made from hook & loop, this fastener is designed to hold two plug ends together preventing them from disconnecting.  The fastener is lightweight and reusable.  A neat solution for keeping power cords connected on a job site, in the shop or on stage.

Cord-Lox® Brand Fasteners

Cord-Lox® is another line of unique hook and loop fasteners. Innovative hook and loop fasteners from Cord-Lox®While originally designed for the audio, video and entertainment industries, the line has expanded to serve the OEM, recreation and consumer markets. The line includes several unique attachment options. Cord-Lox® solutions include bundling cables with especially large plug ends.

A popular product in this line is the Cord-Lox® Rivet Strap. The strap permanently attaches to a cord or cable using snap rivets (included). The strap dangles free until you’re ready to bundle and store the cable. This unique riveting system sets the strap apart from alternative fastening solutions.

SPEEDWRAP®, Cord-Lox® and VELCRO® Brand Fasteners all under one roof.

As a VELCRO® Brand Authorized Distributor, Cord-Lox® manufacturer and manufacturer of SPEEDWRAP®, Speedtech is uniquely positioned to supply you with ANY and ALL of these leading branded solutions!

Whether you need application assistance, are interested in re-shoring your hook & loop supply or just want a quote, we can help. Contact us today for one-on-one guidance.