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How To Prevent Stage Pin Connectors From Separating: Theatrical Lighting Solutions.

Stage Pin Connectors (also known as a grounded stage pin or slip pin connectors) are a standard cable type for theatrical lighting.  They are easy to conceal and pull apart after a show. Unfortunately, these connectors can also be pulled apart when you don’t want them to.

The SPEEDWRAP® Cord Connector™ solves this problem. The flexible and reusable hook & loop fastener, wraps around the Slip Pin Connectors, preventing them from accidentally pulling apart.

The product is available in Fire Retardant and is sold online and through Authorized SPEEDWRAP® Brand Distributors.

Stage Pin Connector- FastenedStage Pin Connector-FastenedStage Pin Connector-WrappedSlip Pin Connector- Velcro

WHY THE SPEEDWRAP® Cord Connector™…

When it comes to stage lighting, there are several types of cable connectors. These connectors vary in size and style with the size of the cables and most professionals have their preferences.

But when it comes to powering dimmed power from a dimmer to stage lighting, Stage Pin Connector remains one of the more popular cable connectors.  Unfortunately, using this type of connectors also has some drawbacks-namely that they can pull apart when you don’t want them to.  We’ve recently found that one of our hook & loop fasteners solves this problem and we’re excited to share it.

Often called ‘Slip Pin’ or ‘Grounded Pin Connectors’ (GSP), these connectors are slim and are easily concealed on a stage.  They also have a low profile. The Slip Pin Connectors are easy to unplug from one another after a show, making them even more popular with theater lighting.   What isn’t great about them is that they can also pull apart when you don’t want them to!

Enter the solution- The SPEEDWRAP® Cord Connector™.  Originally designed to hold to power cords from pulling apart, this hook and loop fastener also fits Stage Pin Connectors.   The lighting Professional simply wraps this flexible hook and loop fasteners around the connectors and then onto itself for a secure hold.  The final result is a small, dark connector that will not pull apart unless you release the fastener.

During tear down, just open the SPEEDWRAP® Cord Connector™, leaving one end attached to the slip pin for future use.  Or remove the fastener and use it to bundle the lighting cable during transport and storage.

Speedtech’s Chris Karnowski adds…

Recently we visited with a leading sound and lighting company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  While we were solving other cable routing, bundling and fastening needs, the customer stated that could use help keeping these Stage Pin Connectors from pulling apart.  By using our standard XL Cord Connector™ we were able to solve this problem within minutes.  We totally fell into this application and believe other Pro Sound and Lighting Companies will appreciate this product as well.

To purchase Cord Connectors, contact your Authorized SPEEDWRAP® Brand Distributor.  For online orders including different sizes, visit