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At Speedtech, our business is built on partnerships with leading Industrial Distributors. Regardless of their marketplace, Product Managers at these Distributors all have one thing in common: they researched hook & loop suppliers worldwide and choose Speedtech.

Speedtech’s line of SPEEDWRAP® Brand Fasteners is one of the most comprehensive lines in the industry and is offered by Fastenal and other leading Distributors. With over 25 years of expertise, we’re also uniquely positioned to help educate you on market trends, top selling products, and to keep you abreast of new products to support your distribution programs and systems.

We support Distributor Sales Representatives daily to help close their sales! 

Learn more about peace-of-mind that comes from selling a high quality SPEEDWRAP® Fastener manufactured in our ISO9001:2015 Certified Factory.

Contact us to begin working with one of our Distribution Sales Specialists.