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Manufacturer of Speedwrap® & distributor of Velcro® BRAND ties earns iso 9001:2008 certification

Manufacturer of Speedwrap® & distributor of Velcro® BRAND ties earns iso 9001:2008 certification

Racine, Wisconsin – November 13, 2012– Speedtech, the manufacturer of hook and loop fasteners and leading wholesaler of VELCRO® Brand straps and VELCRO® Brand ties, has just received exciting news from ISO. The leading international standards body, ISO, certified that Speedtech, has management systems in place to handle customer requests and orders including order receipt, processing and purchasing through to manufacturing and quality assurance that all meet ISO 9001:2008’s standards.

As a market leader in the fabrication and marketing of VELCR0® Brand fasteners and as a key supplier to some of the nation’s leading manufacturers and Industrial Distributors, Speedtech is continually improving its processes and procedures. An ISO 9001:2008 Certification serves as a validation of Speedtech’s focus on the highest quality manufacturing, sales and customer service standards. What Is ISO?

ISO (International Standards Organization) is the world’s largest developer of voluntary International Standards. International standards give consistent, state-of-the-art process specifications for manufacturing products, providing services as well as providing ‘best practice protocol’ all to help to make industry and companies more efficient and effective.

What Certification Did Speedtech Receive?

The certification Speedtech obtained relates to Speedtech’s “quality management systems of fabrication and distribution of ties, tapes and straps.” The management systems that were audited and certified cover the Distribution of VELCRO® Brand fasteners, the manufacturing of the SPEEDWRAP® Brand hook and loop fastener and the customer service, quality assurance, procurement, order processing, and documentation in support of those functions.

What Does This Mean For Current and Prospective Customers Of Speedtech?

The leading international standards body, ISO, has certified that Speedtech’s management systems for handling everything from customer requests, order processing, purchasing through to manufacturing and quality assurance- all meet ISO 9001:2008’s exacting standards. This means that the company not only demonstrates that it consistently meets customer’s requirements but that there is an ongoing improvement system in place.

Speedtech International Incorporated’s President, Christopher Karnowski comments, “We have been a leader in the fabrication of hook and loop fasteners for over 15 years and our customers affectionately refer to us as the “Vel-Perts™.” We have received ad ‘outstanding supplier award’ from one of our largest customers and we continue to receive compliments from customers whose expectations we exceeded. However, until now, we have always gauged our success in terms of growth, quality reports and feedback from customers. This is the first time we have had independent auditors inspecting our front offices and factory. Knowing that auditors have approved our quality management system and we have received official ISO Certification is a huge compliment to our entire team.”


Hook and loop fasteners, including SPEEDWRAP® and VELCRO® Brand cable ties, tape and cinch straps are used for routing, bundling and securing of wires and cables. Because hook and loop wire ties are gentle on wires, easy to use and reusable; they are a popular wire management solution. Some of the applications for these types of hook and loop fasteners include telecommunications, electrical, audio & video, sporting and recreational use as well as home and office use.

Using proper terminology for hook and loop fasteners is important. Customers often refer to hook and loop fasteners as a velcro strap, a velcro cable tie, a velcro wrap or collectively as velcro ties, velcro straps or velcro cable ties however the proper terminology is “hook and loop straps.” For example, if a customer is calling out the branded VELCRO® straps, the proper term is “VELCRO® Brand straps.”

About Speedtech International, Inc.

Founded in 1994, Speedtech International Inc. pioneered the development cable and wire and cable management using hook and loop fasteners. Speedtech offers both OEM’s, Engineers, Product Managers, Purchasing Agents and Distributors the most complete line of hook and loop ties, straps and continuous rolls of SPEEDWRAP® and VELCRO® Brand hook and loop. Due to their history, markets served and because Speedtech is a true manufacturer, Speedtech boasts the most complete line of tooling in the fabrication of cable ties, straps and fasteners. The company also offers a proprietary method for velcro printing. An industry leader, Speedtech is a growing, customer-oriented company located in Racine, Wisconsin. For assistance with design, material and pricing information, contact Speedtech today.

For further information contact:

Speedtech International, Inc. Steve Pope PO Box 246, Racine, WI 53401

866-427-1457 [email protected]