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Clean up the studio, secure cables on stage, route and bundle patch cords and more. Prevent cables from pulling apart by cord connecting™ and more.  Our high quality VELCRO® Brand Cable Ties accomplish that and keep your equipment safe and secure.

Speedwrap® or VELCRO® Brand cable ties and/or tape are the ideal fasteners for:

  • securing
  • organizing
  • and identifying

Patch Cords and cables!

At Speedtech, we manufacturer a large line of hook and loop fasteners and we offer custom die-cut fabrication.  In fact, we offer so many straps and hook and loop straps and ties that we had to dedicate an entire website for them, called TheStrapStore (visit where you can place orders for straps and VELCRO® Brand Cable Ties with as little as 10 pieces.  

One of the most popular applications for hook and loop fasteners including SPEEDWRAP® AND VELCRO® Brand Hook and Loop Fasteners is around musical equipment.  “While I might be a marginal musician at best, I enjoy tricking out my small home music studio,” says Speedtech’s Steve Pope.  Steve goes on to say, “Once you spend all that money on sound boards, speakers, sound proofing and more, the last thing you want in your studio are cords dangling or flying all over the place!  That would be like building a custom kitchen and failing to put all your utensils in a drawer.” 

Steve uses a hook and loop straps and VELCRO® Brand Cable ties on almost every patch cord or cable in his studio.  His cables are routed and secured to one another or to other objects, with Speedwrap® and VELCRO® Brand Cable Ties. 

Steve’s also uses custom imprinted straps with his name on them so that when he gig’s, the sound guys don’t accidentally walk off with his cables.  Steve concludes, “I have my name and email printed on every hook and loop strap. They stay on the cable when in use and I use the hook and loop cable tie to wrap up the cords when they aren’t in use. Besides being practical, everyone compliments my gear.  I guess I am a ‘Type-O’ musician, ‘O’ for organized." 

Find the right product for your gear, studio or stage:

To select the right product for your instrument, environment or application, decide whether you need a tie that 'cinches' down on cables for a tighter hold or if a standard hook and loop tie will work?  Do you know the bundle diameter of the cables you want to wrap, or would you prefer a longer tie or roll of tape that you can cut-to-length during application? 

Does your application call for an industrial and stronger hook and loop tie or tape, or can you use the lighter grade economy version?

This website is the ideal place to learn about these products.  Still not sure?  Use our website to place an order for just 10 pieces of various items them try them out.  No minimum order, items in stock!     Or give us a call today at (866) 427-1456 or +1-262-635-9394. 

Our hook and loop products, including VELCRO® Brand Cable Ties, are leaders and innovators. We offer the highest quality VELCRO® brand cable ties, hook and loop, and straps that the market offers.

View our best selling ties and straps for musicians- available for online purchase now!

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