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SPEEDWRAP® Hook and Loop - Heavy Duty Cinch Strap

Speedwrap Cinch Straps
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Quick Heavy Duty Cinch Strap Summary

Our heavy duty cinch strap is made of woven, nylon, hook and loop materials. This durable cinch strap features a length of loop material welded or sewn to a section of hook material. This heavy duty version of our standard cinch strap, features a metal buckle (cinching ring).

Simply, wrap the hook and loop heavy duty cinch strap around a bundle or object, insert the end through the ring, and then back onto itself for a secure hold. Perfect for larger diameter bundles. The ring allows the strap to be cinched down for a tighter hold. This provides that extra bit of protection that can essential to the completion of the job.

All standard sizes are available for fast online ordering and shipment. Place an order online today!

Custom sizes and high quality grommets can be added to your cinch strap, and any further questions can be answered by contacting your Vel-Pert today.

Alternative products include: SPEEDWRAP Standard cinch strap, SPEEDWRAP Ties, VELCRO® Brand VELSTRAPS®and cut-to-length tape/rolls.


Part# Width Length  qty/bag 
SWHDD 1 X 12 1" 12" 100
SWHDD 1 X 15 1" 15" 100
SWHDD 1 X 20 1" 20" 100
SWHDD 1 X 24 1" 24" 100
SWHDD 1 X 36 1" 36" 100
SWHDD 1 X 48 1" 48" 100
SWHDD 2 X 12 2" 12" 100
SWHDD 2 X 15 2" 15" 100
SWHDD 2 X 20 2" 20" 100
SWHDD 2 X 24 2" 24" 100
SWHDD 2 X 36 2" 36" 100
SWHDD 2 X 48 2" 48" 100


1,000 pcs/ case
10/Bag Available upon request
** NOTE: Dimensions Approximate and for reference only.                                            


Complete Information:

Speedtech’s new line of SPEEDWRAP® Brand HEAVY DUTY Cinch Straps are similar yet quite different from the SPEEDWRAP® "Standard" Cinch Strap.  The new line of HEAVY DUTY straps are similar to the ‘Standard Cinch Straps’, in that they feature a ‘tip’ of hook material sewn or welded to a fixed length of loop material, with a buckle at its end. 


The difference with the new Heavy Duty line of SPEEDWRAP® Cinch Strap is the materials used in the construction.  The HEAVY DUTY Cinch Strap is made from an industrial grade hook and loop material and features a metal ring. The new HEAVY DUTY hook and loop cinch strap has a peel rating of 5 PIW and a shear value of 10 PSI. The new SPEEDWRAP® HEAVY DUTY Cinch Strap comes standard in 1” or 2” widths, and is offered in a variety of lengths. Standard colors include black as well as high visibility orange.


The SPEEDWRAP® cinch strap lines are actually quite unique because our entry level or ‘standard’ cinch strap is an industrial grade strap.  Because Speedtech’s offering starts at an industrial grade, many of our customers will be surprised to hear that we are now manufacturing an even more robust hook and loop cinch strap.  Because Speedtech’s Standard Cinch Strap is made from industrial grade hook and loop, it is suited for the majority of applications.  However, for those applications where the user needs a more robust design, the SPEEDWRAP® HEAVY DUTY Cinch Strap just might be the perfect strap for you.  Speedtech is also offering complete customization of these cinch straps. Minimums apply. 


The new SPEEDWRAP® brand HEAVY DUTY Cinch Straps are currently available for online purchase at TheStrapstore and through Speedtech’s authorized Distributors.

Speedtech offers the most complete line of straps to choose from, including hook and loop cable ties and VELCRO® brand VELSTRAPS®

Place an order, online, today for fast delivery.

Downloadable Product Drawing/ Print>Speedwrap Velcro Cinch Cinch Strap Drawing

Need a cinching style strap but not sure what length?  Consider the new U-Bundle Kit.


Custom sizes, colors and high quality grommets can be added to cinch straps by contacting a Vel-Pert today.

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