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Please tell us about your application. What organizing, routing or bundling challenge do you want to solve - Be sure to include: specifics on what the end application is, environmental factors the product will be exposed to (temperature range, moisture level, etc.), the substrate it will be attached to (if an adhesive is needed), anticipated volume and any other product characteristics you feel are important to the design.  A Vel-Pert™ will be contacting you shortly to discuss solutions!

Private - Safe - Secure!

We don't share your information with anyone outside our company.  We only contact you if you ask us to.   The information you supply us used to provide you with more accurate information and answers to your questions. 

Want a faster reply? Please tell us what product on our website is closest to what you need?  For example, telling us you "want a cinch strap just like our standard 1" wide by 12" long but you just need it in blue and you want pricing for 5,000 pieces" would ensure we don't have to come back to you with more follow up questions before we can quote.







....of course if you really want us to understand your application, you can share a video with us like this one

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