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Speedwrap® Standard Tape

velcro-style tape
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Quick Summary:
Speedwrap® Tape is made of industrial strength, back-to-back, hook and loop material and is easily cut-to-length for a variety of applications.   This tape is commonly sold on rolls or on larger reels. Various widths available. 
Colors available: Black, Blue, Green, Red, Orange, Yellow, Brown, Gray, Beige, White, Purple. Maroon is also available specifically for plenum applications.
Packaged one or more rolls per poly bag, or on larger reels.

Part# Size rolls/box
SWRL .5X5 1/2" x 5 yards (15ft) 200
SWRL .5X25 1/2" x 25 yards (75ft) 20
SWRL .62X5 5/8" x 5 yards (15ft) 200
SWRL .62X25 5/8" x 25 yards (75ft) 20
SWR .75X5 3/4" x 5 yards (15ft) 200
SWR .75X25 3/4" x 25 yards (75ft) 20
SWR 1X5 1" x 5 yards (15ft) 200
SWR 1X25 1" X 25 yards (75ft) 20
SWR 1.5X5 1.5" X 5 yards (15ft) 200
SWR 1.5X25 1.5" X 25 yards (75ft) 20
SWR 2X5 2" X 5 yards (15ft) 200
SWR 2X25 2" X 25 yards (75ft) 20
SWR 3X5 3" X 5 yards (15ft) 200
SWR 3X25 3" X 25 yards (75ft) 20
SWR 4X5 4" X 5 yards (15ft) 200
SWR 4X25 4" X 25 yards (75ft) 20
SWR 5X10 5" X 10 yards (30ft) 10

** NOTE: Dimensions Approximate and for reference only.

Complete Information:

Brought to you by the pioneers of velcro cable management products, Speedwrap®, standard velcro style tape is made from industrial strength, back-to-back, hook & loop material.  This product is called 'tape' because it is sold standard in 25 yard reels.

Cut-to-length, the material enables the user to quickly wrap the material around an object and then back onto itself for a secure hold. This material is easy to use and reuse, gentle on wires and has thousands of applications.  This commercial grade product is manufactured using a unique process without the use of adhesives!  The result is hook on one side, and loop on the other (back-to-back) where these surfaces will not delaminate (separate) from one another.

They are called 'standard' tape because they are a higher profile, higher-grade material from the lower profile, Speedwrap Economy Tape.

Common applications include securing objects, routing wires, cinching cables and protecting fiber.  
Colors available: Red, Orange, Blue, Green, Yellow, Beige, Grey, Purple and Brown. Packaged one roll per poly bag.

Equivalent to Velcro brand ONE-WRAP® tape.  Alternative products include the Speedwrap Economy Tape and shorter Speedwrap Rolls.

Printing on tape is available.  Please contact us for further information and pricing.

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