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Sew-On, Hook and Loop Tape

sew on velcro fasteners

Sew-On Hook and Loop Tapes are perfect to sew onto any fabric by hand or machine. These cut-to-length fasteners are available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors. Great for lightweight fastening needs, such as on pet clothing, handbags or art projects. We also offer heavy-duty closures which are great for backpacks or sleeping bags.


Speedwrap® and VELCRO® brand nylon fasteners consist of two mating components: hook and loop. The woven hook tape consists of minute, flexible “hooks” which engage with a mating loop tape comprised of small, soft “loops.” When pressed together, the resulting closure is adjustable, secure and lightweight. To reopen (cycle), the closure is simply peeled apart. VELCRO® and Speedwrap® brand hook and loop tapes are manufactured by a precise and refined process which ensures uniformity of dimensions and construction.


SPEEDWRAP® Economy and Velcro’s Texacro® brand fasteners are great low cost alternatives to standard material.

Products For Sale:

Sew-On Hook Tape

sew on velcro hook
  • VELCRO® brand Hook #88 - Heavy duty hook tape - somewhat lower cycle life than Hook #65; this hook utilizes a heavier weight hook to maximize performance without minimizing cycle-life.
  • VELCRO® brand Hook #65 - Designed for maximum cycling (opening and closing). This hook utilizes a lightweight hook, designed to maximize cycle life without minimizing performance. Call for pricing and availability.
  • TEXACRO® brand #70 - Hook 70 is constructed with an 8-mil hook. When engaged with Loop 71, it provides a durable and dependable closure system. 
  • SPEEDWRAP® Brand alternatives : call for availability, pricing and more information.


Sew-On Loop Tape

sew on velcro loop
  • VELCRO® brand Loop #1000 - A napped tape used in most standard closure applications with both Hook #65 and #88.
  • VELCRO® brand Loop #2000 - An un-napped loop tape with a greater cycle life and less peel resistance than Loop #1000. Typically used where closure is to be effected around a radius (such as a strapping application).
  • TEXECRO® Brand #71 – When engaged with Hook 70, it provides a durable and dependable closure system. 
  • VELCRO® Brand #3001, #3200, #3610, #3800, #3950 – knit nylon loop tapes have been designed for use in a wide range of applications from disposable products to high strength fabricated straps. Call for pricing and availability.
  • SPEEDWRAP® Brand : call for availability, pricing and more information.

Fire Retardant Sew-On Tape

fire retardant sew on velcro

Call for price and availability.

Polyester Hook and Loop

polyester hook and loop
VELCRO® Brand woven polyester touch fastener tapes are precision woven of 100% polyester yarn, and are designed for use where resistance to many chemicals, mildew or ultraviolet light may be required. 
The polyester closure will still provide good holding strength when exposed to a high humidity environment or submerged in water for extended periods. When compared with woven nylon fastener tapes, polyester fasteners offer the same “holding” strength, measured in terms of shear, tension and peel resistance.
Call for price and availability.

Elastic Loop

  Call for prices and availability.


This elastic loop is designed to provide about 55% elongation and is a relatively high-power tape. The nylon and synthetic rubber materials used in the construction of this woven product provide moderate to high cycles in use with recommended Hook #65. The plush backing makes this tape ideal for applications where comfort, as well as a secure fit, is desired.
Examples: soccer shin guards, scuba diving equipment straps and assemblies holding respiratory devices in place.


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