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Below you will find answers to Frequently Asked Questions. If you do not find what you are looking for please contact us at (800) 771-3896 or click here.


What is the difference between the Hook and Loop tapes?

The Hook side is the rough or scratchy side, while the Loop side is the soft or fuzzy side. Although there are many types of both Hook & Loop, the end use (your application) of the product will help determine which product would be best. When you contact Speedtech with your requirements and application we will be pleased to recommend a specific product and explain why it will best serve your needs.


How do we order Hook and/or Loop, fasteners?

Hook and Loop fasteners are sold on separate rolls, normally 25 or 50 yards long. Pricing is typically listed per yard, unless otherwise noted.

If your project calls for only Hook or only Loop, it can be purchased that way.

Hook and Loop is also available as pre-cut Coins (VELCOIN®) or Dots.

Hook or Loop Coins are sold on separate rolls and are available in a variety of diameters and adhesives. Call for standard sizes and quantities per roll.


What if my project calls for a specific size, shape or length of Hook or Loop?

Speedtech will cut any width material to your required Measurements.

If both the Hook & Loop are to be cut to the same size, we can Cut and Mate the two together; which can help lower your assembly time. The yield for cut pieces is determined by the put up of material ( 25 yards = 900 inches) divided by the length you specify. We are also able to custom die cut special shapes and/or sizes to meet your needs.


How do we decide which Adhesive will work best for our project?

Pressure Sensitive Adhesives are available in many formulations.

Here's a quick summary of VELCRO® brand Adhesives:

  • Spectrumtm0172 Adhesive, an acrylic based adhesive that works well with most substrates (surfaces), it reaches its full bonding strength (curing time) 24 hours after it has been applied.
  • Vectortm 0115 Adhesive is a rubber based adhesive that is recommended when polyethylene or polypropylene is the substrate material the hook or loop tape is being applied to. Vectortm Adhesive reaches 80% of its strength after 1 hour, and full curing occurs after 24 hours.
  • Spectrumtm Plus 0174. There is also a special adhesive known as Spectrumtm Plus 0174 that is specially formulated for a wet environment. Certain products are only available with a specific adhesive, we will be happy to give a more detailed explanation about any of these adhesives.
Are there standard size straps or can I order the exact size I need?

Of Course! Speedwrap® Brand Straps are available in 12 STANDARD colors and 13 STANDARD sizes. Standard Speedwrap® utilizes an industrial grade "back-to-back" material that has Hook on one side and Loop on the other, so that it wraps back onto itself. This material is also available as a tape (5 and 25 yards/roll) or it can be ordered perforated on a roll.

Custom Straps are also available using Standard Hook & Loop materials that are either ultrasonically welded or sewn to create a variety of styles. These straps are custom made to your requirements. Some of the options available are length, width, plastic or metal buckles, printing or grommets along with other special features. We will gladly work with you in determining what you need.


How quickly will a quotation request be answered?

We realize time is of the essence. Quotes for custom cut shapes, pieces or straps are answered as soon as possible. If there are any questions about a quotation request, a Sales Representative will contact you right away to clarify the details.


How quickly will my order be shipped?

Speedtech International carries a large inventory of Hook and Loop fasteners so most orders are shipped out the day after they are ordered. Custom cut or cut and mated orders are usually shipped out within a week or two of being received, depending on the specialty of the cutting dies required. For larger volume orders we will gladly ship a partial shipment to get you going. Custom straps orders are also shipped out on a timely basis determined by the features and quantities needed. Lead times will be given with each quotation.


Payment Terms?

We gladly accept Visa/MasterCard. Payment Terms are available upon Credit Approval.

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