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Speedwrap® Hook and Loop - Economy Ties

velcro-style economy ties
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Similar in function and purpose to the standard Speedwrap® and VELCRO® brand ONE-WRAP®  ties and straps, SPEEDWRAP® Economy Ties are made from a lower-profile, economical raw material.  Equivalent to VELCRO brand Quik-Tie®.

These low-profile straps are a perfect fit in small clearance areas. They are surprisingly strong. Their main purpose however is to provide a similar function to SPEEDWRAP® Standard Ties and VELCRO brand ONE-WRAP® Ties, but at a lower price point.  If industrial performance is not your main goal, and price is, this is the product for you!
  • -Ideal for cord and cable control
  • -Great for network installations
  • -Product is printable
  • -10 piece and 100 piece per bag option
  • -Sold in the popular 'nested' packaging, side-by-side and bagged (not end-to-end on reels)
  • -Available in a variety of sizes and colors.                        

Downloadable Product Drawing / Print>speedwrap velcro quick tie drawing  print

Speedwrap Economy Cable Tie-SWET Series Standard-100/bag. Available 10/Bag-call to request. 
Speedtech Part#  A B W L qty/bag 
 SWET .75X6  0.75" 0.75" 0.375" 6" 100
 SWET 1 X 6  1" 1.5" 0.50" 6" 100
 SWET 1 X 8  1" 1.5" 0.50" 8" 100
 SWET 1 X 9  1" 1.5" 0.50" 9" 100
 SWET 1.5X9  1.5" 1.5" 0.75" 9" 100
 SWET 1 X 11  1" 1.5" 0.50" 11" 100
 SWET 1 X 12  1" 1.5" 0.50" 12" 100
 SWET 1 X 13  1" 1.5" 0.50" 13" 100
 SWET1.5X13  1.5" 1.5" 0.75" 13" 100
 SWET1.5X15  1.5" 2.5" 0.75" 15" 100

Standard CASE QTY 1,000 /BOX     Call for more packaging options. 
** NOTE: Dimensions Approximate and for reference only.      
Colors Available:  Black, Grey, Red.      

Printable information in PDF form.

Complete Information

Do you want to 'lap' a strap back onto itself, or cinch down on wires for a secure hold? Do you need industrial grade material and design or is price your driving factor when selecting a hook and loop tie?

SPEEDWRAP®  Economy Ties are made from low profile, back-to-back hook & loop material.  This low profile material is surprisingly strong in shear value with an easy peal value, equivalent to VELCRO® brand Quik-Tie®SPEEDWRAP®  Economy Ties are similar in function to Speedwrap® Standard Ties and VELCRO brand ONE-WRAPp® Ties, but at a lower price point.  The shape of the SPEEDWRAP® line of ties features an increased surface area compared to other branded hook and loop ties including VELCRO brand ONE-WRAP® ties. 

All Speedwrap® cable ties are different from hook and loop cinch straps, because they feature hook material on one side and loop material on the other.  This allows the user to wrap the tie around an object or bundle of wires, and then wrap the tie back onto itself for a secure hold.  Users may also wrap the tie with the hook section facing inside or outside.  Alternatively, SPEEDWRAP® and VELCRO® brand VELSTRAPS® feature hook along one section of the strap, sewn or welded to a loop section and feature a buckle.  

If your application calls for 'cinching' down on objects, wires or cables we recommend you learn more about cinch straps.

The SPEEDWRAP® brand of hook & loop cable ties are used by major Maintenance, repair, operation, Datacom, Telecom, Fastener, Marine and Automotive OEM's, installers and Distributors.  

Learn more about applications.

Velcro Printing-  Have your company name or logo printed on hook and loop cable ties. SPEEDWRAP® Standard Ties are  printable

Learn more about our history of Velcro.

Printable information in PDF form.

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